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The Garden International School (GIS) is located in the Agile Cambridgeshire estate. Opened in 2009, The Agile Cambridgeshire is a premium development, part of the Nancun Township in the Guangzhou district of Panyu. Developed by the Agile Group as a model for future developments, it boasts a large promenade business mall, with integrated restaurants, supermarkets, convenience stores, offices and entertainment. In the near future there will be more banks, gyms, boutiques and restaurants to service the growing population. Cambridgeshire is also in close vicinity to the Agile Garden, a popular estate with large gardens and a thriving community for Guangzhou locals and expats. Expats will find this estate especially comfortable as it features many foreign amenities, including nearby local shopping malls, cinemas, foreign restaurants and large open recreation spaces. The Agile estate runs a shuttle bus to Guangzhou and back on weekends.
Cambridgeshire has convenient connections to Guangzhou, via public Bus, Metro and other Pearl River Delta cities from Guangzhou South Railway Station just 13km from Nancun. Nancun Metro Station, part of the newly built Line 7 is scheduled to open late 2016. This station will connect residents to Guangzhou South Railway station and Guangzhou city via lines 2,3 and 4. A station entrance will be accessible from the Cambridgeshire’s main avenue. There is also a bus terminal that connects the estate to Guangzhou city and the surrounding townships. The 302A bus runs from Guangzhou East Railway Station into the Cambridgeshire Bus Depot and back. The Metro Feeder 9 Bus runs between Nancun and Hanxi Changlong Metro Station. From Guangzhou South Railway Station travel time to Shenzhen, Zhuhai and Hong Kong is less than an hour, with further travel options to Beijing, Shanghai and other cities all utilising the China’s famous super fast trains.
Agile Cambridgeshire was chosen by the GIS Directors for its pleasant, green surroundings, great connections and the large family community developing within the area.