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Children learning in a natural way
Let every child shine

Our rigorous academic program is founded on IB and Common Core inspired inquiry-based learning that includes thematic content. For example, when we take the children to a field trip visiting farm, children will observe different food that animals eat, followed by discussions and crafts based on their observation.

Through our daily schedule and routine, our program incorporates life skills and character building to promote responsibility and respect for others. For example, children feeding themselves, tidying up after meals, and getting into a habit of saying “please” and “thank you”.

Children of different age will establish humble, considerate and helping personality through group activities on our carefully crafted facilities.
Children at our school learn language naturally by immersion in the language environment. As an inspiring example, children from our Board have learned 2 languages and 2 dialects. Daddy is from Chaozhou and mum is from America. The little girl can speak both English and Chaozhou dialect. She also picks up Cantonese from her playmates, Putonghua at Kindergarten and a Chongqing dialect from her nanny. Picking up language in this way is both easy and more beneficial as they will develop error free and accent free language skills.