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New Beginnings – The Garden Grows

The Garden International School was invested by SINOGATE. SINOGATE, founded in 2002, is an Arkansas-based education center. It’s not only the representative of five US universities in China, two of which are among the top 296 universities in the world verified by the Guangzhou Municipal Education Bureau, but also the representative of two excellent US high schools in China, which are among the top 3 and top 50 respectively across the country. It has been appointed as the cooperation partner of international education by the Yuexiu District, Guangzhou City which is well –known for its education as a district, and forged partnership of education alliance with many famous domestic education institutions. Based on its 11-year-long experience in education both in China and US, SINOGATE has put forward its education concept of “Grafting” & “Integration”, and set up schools in China through grafting excellent education culture in US and integrating the education conditions in China to develop kid’s imagination and creativity. The Garden International School is the first school established by it.
The Garden International School is a high-end kindergarten which provides international education for kids aging 2 to 5 with personalized teaching courses. The school adopts the IB-PYP system and now has been an IB candidate. Our philosophy is to generate more possibilities for life, and our mission is to nourish kids to become elites for the world. We edify kids without forced learning, providing them with the most natural learning environment. At The Garden, you will witness the authentic American teaching method: learning naturally in a loving and nurturing environment, and enjoying happiness through exploration.
Total area of our school is 5400m2, with a uniquely designed outdoor garden of 4000m2.Outdoor facilities were carefully crafted and inspired by many leading schools around the world, and they are second to none in Guangzhou district, e.g.:
- winding hallway from Holland;
- pool from Germany for swimming pool in summer and roller-skate rink in winter;
- ecological cycling track from Austria;
- outdoor stage that perfectly reflects our value of combining the eastern & western approaches, including roof tiles of the traditional Chinese archway, and lower part of the American freight-container with white fan-shape screen for performing Chinese hand-silhouette show and leather-silhouette show;
- dream-like 3D cinema from the U.S.;
- reception area from Finland, specially tailored for parents’ comfort;
- landscaped plantation from France;
- sandpit with sand picked from beaches in Malaysia;
- children’s most preferred slide imported from the U.S., including an insurance coverage of RMB1 million;

Kitchen is the place most concerned by mothers. Our kitchen is thoughtfully equipped with a “big eye”, which is a 3 meters wide magnifying glass.  Mothers can see all details of the kitchen through this “big eye”, and eye-witness how dishes are hygienically conveyed from the kitchen to the canteen through an escalator. It is an innovative idea from Japan.

Our classrooms are specially designed by a group of experts to help preparing children’s success in school and beyond, with designated learning corners in every classroom for playing dramas and blocks, giving children the opportunity for rich social play and child-initiated discovery. You will also find that our classrooms feature a print-rich environment full of carefully selected materials, written charts and labels, and children’s literature. By helping children connect spoken words and print, we develop early literacy and writing skills.

At The Garden International School, we accept no more than 20 students per class, with 2 foreign teachers, 2 local teachers and a nursing aid in each class. All of our teachers have extensive experience in education.

Starting from the 1-year-old Little Buds and moving up to 5-year-old Perennials, we strive to guide your children to reach their fullest potential through our comprehensive English immersion education plan which is fully aligned with American and Chinese Kindergarten standards.