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 “The IB knows that young learners are intelligent, resourceful and creative individuals who grow, develop and learn at different rates. They explore their environment and learn about their world through play and relationships with peers, teachers, family and community members.”
At GIS, in the early years setting our curriculum is aligned with the IB PYP philosophy of a holistic learning experience that integrates socio-emotional, physical and cognitive development. In the PYP classroom, it takes place in dynamic environments that promote play, discovery and exploration.
We offer support for students who are new to the language of instruction, as well as additional mother-tongue support. All PYP teachers have a responsibility to address the language needs of their students in the language of instruction. Thus ensuring students participate fully in the programme and are able to reach their full potential.
 “The PYP acknowledges that development of mother-tongue language is crucial for both cognitive development and maintaining cultural identity.”

The International Baccalaureate® (IB) has been taught in China for 25 years. As of 2016, there are 98 IB World Schools in China currently offering one or more of the IB’s programmes.
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The IB Primary Years Programme
The International Baccalaureate® (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP) is for students aged 3-12.Currently, only 36 schools in China offer the PYP programme.
What is the PYP?
The PYP prepares students to become active, caring, lifelong learners who demonstrate respect for themselves and others and have the capacity to participate in the world around them. It focuses on the development of the whole child as an inquirer, both within and beyond the classroom.
Who is the PYP for?
As long as a school has been authorized to implement the programme, the PYP is open to any student aged 3 to 12.
What the PYP offers students
By choosing to implement the PYP, schools will develop students’ academic, social and emotional wellbeing, focusing on international-mindedness and strong personal values. The PYP nurtures independent learning skills, encouraging every student to take responsibility for their learning.
The programme incorporates local and global issues into the curriculum, asking students to look at six related, transdisciplinary themes and to consider the links between them. The themes include ‘who we are’, ‘where we are in place and time’ and ‘how the world works’.
Resources for PYP schools
The IB provides a number of resources for IB World Schools, from professional development opportunities to the organization’s online curriculum centre (OCC) for IB educators.
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Little Blossoms (Age 2)
At this age, children are making new discoveries daily.  And as two-year-olds begin to exert their independence, our Little Blossoms Preschool program is prepared to open their eyes to a world of learning, sharing, and exploring.  Our holistic approach in the classroom engages young minds with a blend of music, art, and movement, as well as the early education fundamentals they'll need as they continue on to preschool.